17.11 – 21.11.16

During the previous Engaged Art An Excursion activities in Berlin and in Venice, we engaged with themes such as the global movements of people, goods and capital, different tactics of emancipatory resistance in art, geographically specific political histories as well as the rise of right-wing, nationalist ideologies and anti-democratic structures in techno-Europe. Aiming once again at creating perspective about the future together, we set up a ‘laboratory’ at Makvärket, an old brick factory located in the rural area of Zealand, Denmark. Makvärket was both our geographical and thematic starting point for the workshop. The lab was set up in the 200 sqm Cirkussal, the central room of Makvärket, as well as in surrounding outdoor sites.

Taking this project as a setting and point of departure, we actively engaged with utopias and investigated the idea of localized utopian projects or micro utopias in relation to global-scale concepts.

The main function of the lab was to create a space for research, discussion, experiments and activities. The workshop program incorporated the inputs we received from the participants resulting in a workshop that was more participatory and self-directed than the previous activities. This format resulted in outputs such as a LARP, a bot and a meditation walk.  Having all come from different disciplines, places and backgrounds, we engaged in these topics together.

The workshop incorporated the input we received from the 30 participants and it took on an active, autonomous shape. Whereas UU Berlin and UU Venice consisted to a large degree of input such as lectures, screenings and excursions, this workshop was more participatory and self-directed.