JUNE 9TH – 13TH 2016


The Utopian Union invites you to take part in The Berlin Summit, the second of a tripartite series of Engaged Art An Excursion workshops. We are looking for individuals who can surprise us with their autonomous perspectives and inspire us and each other with their fresh approach to engaged thought and action.
We seek participants who are interested in taking an active part in a free of cost, five-day workshop for the formation and development of new strategies, aesthetics and actions towards a post-capitalist future.

Held from June 9th – 13th in Berlin, the workshop will bring together a wide range of people and disciplines; from art, design, science, theory, economics and activism to other fields. This is a unique chance to meet and exchange ideas and methods with like-minded people of very different backgrounds.


The focus of The Berlin Summit will be to challenge anti-democratic structures in Techno-Europe, as materialized in mass surveillance architectures, opaque power structures and the maintenance of Fortress Europe at all costs. How can we as citizens of what we hope to be a democracy react towards this? In recent years we have seen different approaches. From vigorous counter-tactics and subversive aesthetics, online and irl, to global grassroots initiatives. We will examine this by inviting some of the actors behind exemplary projects and initiatives, such as CryptoParty and Refugee Phrasebook. What characterizes these is that they are community-driven, based on digital data and use the political and social potential of new technology. This lead us to the questions: What opportunities does technological development bring for new strategies, aesthetics and actions? If “utopia” is an essential part of radical political change, what does a viable utopia look like? What hopes and desires do we share for the future?

UU recognizes art as an imaginary space for new world models and seeks to create a platform where these can be developed. Various artists and researchers will present their current and recent projects, for instance Boaz Levin with the video “All That Is Solid Melts Into Data”, or Eva Wilson with her upcoming book “Manning-Lamo Chat Logs.” With these questions, initiatives and practices in mind we hope to examine and deepen different aspects of the themes at this year’s Berlin Summit.


The Berlin Summit will provide a new type of platform for interdisciplinary work, where research, discussion and the formation of impactful ideas, aesthetics and actions can take place. In the 5-day workshop UU will host excursions, talks, screenings and Q&As and examine and discuss different aspects of the themes. Apart from that, the workshop will function as a locus for playful experimentation and the practice of new, creative and subversive praxes. We seek to activate the potential of interdisciplinary work and non-institutional learning and ask all the participants to take active part in shaping the workshop.

The outcome of the summit is open-ended. Images, videos and other documentation of the summit will be published on and


–     Your personal perspective and expertise. Could be a project or an idea that            complements or challenges ours.
–     Fierce passion for utopias, rather than dystopias.
–     To actively contribute and partake in the workshop.

Please send your application to: info(at) Last date for submission is May 25th 2016 but we are happy to receive them earlier. Places are limited.  Please note that you must be 30 or younger and be living in Denmark, Germany or Italy to apply. However we will be hosting public talks and workshops during the summit for everyone interested in attending. The final program will be sent out along with an informational email on June 1st 2016.

See more information below.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and  hope to see you in Berlin!

All the best,

Utopian Union


The Utopian Union is a young international collective based between Italy, Germany and Denmark focused on creative non-institutional learning, interdisciplinary collaboration and engaged artistic practices.  In 2015-16 we are hosting workshops in a excursion in Venice, a summit Berlin and a workshop in the Danish countryside. Each of them addresses site-specific societal issues, using art as an imaginary space for new world models. We bring people together who share an interest in creating impact, communicating new perspectives and building utopias. See our website/facebook pages for impressions of past events.


To participate in the Utopian Union Berlin Summit please write us an email with your basic information (name, age, city of residence) and a max. 200 word text about what you do and why you should attend.

Participation in the Berlin Summit is free but space is limited. All age groups and nationalities are welcome to apply. We are offering travel and accommodation grants to residents of Denmark, Italy or Germany who are 30 years old or younger.

All participants are required to arrange their own travel to Berlin. The program commences on the morning of Thursday June 9th and will last until Monday noon. However we expect everyone to arrive on Wednesday 8th where there will be an introduction and welcome and please book your return travel for Tuesday 14th.

The nearest airport is Berlin Schoenefeld SXF or Berlin Tegel TXL.
The nearest international train station is Berlin Hauptbahnhof and there are busses arriving from across Europe to Berlin ZOB. Another option is to use the carsharing platform blablacar.

The summit is supported by the EU Erasmus+ Program and is part of the Engaged Art An Excursion Project taking place in Venice, Berlin and the countryside of Denmark in 2015 and 2016. The summit will be held at ACUD and specific locations across Berlin.