Utopian Union is a collective focused on non-institutional learning, interdisciplinary collaboration and artistic practice. Utopian Union uses art as a space for the imaginary, where new aesthetics, cultural movements and models can be developed. We gather academics, artists, designers, social entrepreneurs, scientists, students, activists and others who share a desire for new perspectives and utopias. Between November 2015 and November 2016, Utopian Union organised a tripartite series in Venice, Berlin and the countryside of Denmark as part of the Engaged Art An Excursion project supported by Erasmus+. Each of them addressing site specific topics on political and social issues.

Throughout the three activities and side events Utopian Union gathered more than 250 participants and audiences across in Italy, Germany and Denmark. 

Utopian Union recognizes anti-democratic and totalitarian structures in a Techno-Europe, recently materialized in mass surveillance architectures, cyber exploitation and the by all costs maintenance of Fortress Europe. In a dystopian response counter-tactics and pixel-camouflage is developed to maintain control and privacy. Utopian Union provides an education of desire, using art as a space for the imaginary, where new aesthetics, cultural movements and world models can be developed. We believe that in the process of radical political change the utopia is an essential part.

“In cracking open the present and providing an image of a better future, the space between the present and the future becomes the space for hope and the desire for more.” [Nick Srnicek  & Alex Williams. Inventing the Future. 2015]

Thanks to everyone who has supported us and special thanks to Erasmus+ for supporting our activities in Venice, Berlin and at Makvärket in Denmark in 2015 and 2016 as part of the Engaged Art An Excursion project.